Kitchen Supervisor/Manager Careers

How to become Kitchen Supervisor/Manager

What does a Kitchen Supervisor/Manager do?

Kitchen supervisors and managers will also be either a section chef, second chef, or head chef. Often, in hotels and restaurants, kitchen supervisors are section chefs (also known as 'chefs de partie') in charge of a particular area of the kitchen. Section chefs answer to a 'sous chef' who in turn, is answerable to the head chef or 'maitre de cuisine'.

As a trained chef and supervisor, they organise and oversee the work done by their team. They make sure that the food is prepared and produced at the right quality, the right price and the right time. They plan menus, order food and keep control of the budget.

Kitchen supervisors and managers decide which tasks are to be done each day and delegate these to members of their team. They produce duty rotas, making sure that enough staff will be on duty at all times. They also deal with health and safety issues, disciplinary matters, and recruitment.

What's the working environment like working as a Kitchen Supervisor/Manager?

In many cases, the hours are outside a normal working week. Kitchen supervisors and managers may start early in the morning and finish late at night, and also work at weekends and public holidays. They may have a basic 40 hour week, but might be expected to work overtime. Split shifts may be in operation.

The kitchen environment can be hot and humid, and can get very hectic especially around meal times. They wear overalls, aprons and hats to protect their clothing and for reasons of hygiene. For part of the day, kitchen supervisors and managers may work in an office away from the kitchen.

What does it take to become a Kitchen Supervisor/Manager?

To be a kitchen supervisor or manager, you should:

  • have a creative interest in food and cookery
  • be organised and able to plan your own work and that of others
  • have good communication, leadership and management skills
  • be able to do paperwork, including work with figures and budgets
  • be physically fit and be able to keep active in a hot and busy kitchen
  • have the ability to work under pressure and to make instant decisions
  • be able to deal calmly with unexpected situations and crises.

Kitchen Supervisor/Manager Career Opportunities

Kitchen supervisors and managers are employed by hotels and restaurants, as well as catering departments of local authorities, in business and industry, education, the health service and the Armed Forces.

There are opportunities in all parts of the United Kingdom and overseas, in all parts of the world.

Part-time, temporary, and seasonal employment is available.

Kitchen supervisors and managers can set up their own business, running their own restaurant or taking on a franchise.

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