Croupier Careers

How to become Croupier

What does a Croupier do?

Croupiers and dealers throw dice, spin the roulette wheel and deal cards in a casino.

The work includes checking that all chips are placed on the table before the start of play, explaining the rules to players, collecting chips from losing bets, and mentally calculating payouts to winners. Croupiers need to work quickly, and maintain close concentration throughout the game.

Croupiers work under the supervision of a gaming inspector, who is usually in charge of two tables. Inspectors check compliance with company procedures and standards, and with the Gaming Act. They ensure the safety of gaming equipment and look out for any suspicious behaviour. They act as initial arbiters of any disputes with players and check large payouts. Inspectors work under the direction of a pit boss.

What's the working environment like working as a Croupier?

Croupiers generally work a 35-hour week consisting of shifts from 2pm to 10pm and 10pm to 6am. This will include weekends and bank holidays. It may occasionally be necessary to work after 6am to assist in counting the night’s takings.

Croupiers work in comfortable or even luxurious surroundings, but usually in smoky conditions. High standards of dress and grooming are expected and most casinos provide appropriate evening attire for their staff. Some meals may be provided.

What does it take to become a Croupier?

To be a croupier you should:

  • have customer service skills
  • be well presented, polite, tactful and friendly
  • have normal colour vision and good manual dexterity
  • be numerate, quick-thinking and able to make fast mental calculations
  • have vitality, enthusiasm and self confidence in front of an audience
  • be consistent and accurate throughout the night
  • be patient and calm
  • be scrupulously honest and security conscious
  • be able to handle complaints and difficult situations
  • have foreign language skills if you intend to work overseas.

Croupier Career Opportunities

There are currently 134 casinos in Great Britain. The Gambling Act 2005 will initially allow applications for 17 new casinos - one regional, eight large and eight small from 2006.

Well respected croupiers with more than two years' experience may have the opportunity to progress to inspectors. They will again need to complete on-the-job training and upgrade their licence.

After two years' experience in a UK casino and the ability to deal at least three different games, croupiers may be able to apply for positions on cruise ships or in other countries. To work in non-English speaking countries a good knowledge of the appropriate language is essential. To work in prestigious casinos in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo, croupiers will need extensive and varied experience, and the ability to pass a dealing audition.

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