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How to become Web Professional

What does a Web Professional do?

An internet/web professional may be a web designer responsible for the design, layout and coding of web pages, or a website manager who maintains more sophisticated web sites that handle online enquiries, sales and payment, delivery and after-sales service arrangements.

Internet/web professionals advise clients on how best to present the information that they want their site-users to see. Specific details include:

  • the size of text, font style, colours and colour combinations and page backgrounds
  • the style, size and positioning of button icons
  • appropriate graphics
  • use of frames, tables and lists
  • possible animation, audio and video sequences
  • the use of hyperlinks to other areas of the client's site or external sites.
Once the final draft of a site is approved by the client, the web pages are then written in a combination of codes such as hypertext mark-up language (HTML) or Javascript.

It is possible to create a website using software packages that take over much of the routine work. This allows time for web professionals to place greater emphasis on design rather than writing activities in order to create more sophisticated websites.

What's the working environment like working as a Web Professional?

Most work is office-based although some travel may be involved when meeting clients. If working for a company, the normal working week is 37 to 40 hours. Overtime may be necessary as deadlines approach.

Self-employed professionals work the hours necessary to meet their workload. This may include evening and weekend work.

What does it take to become a Web Professional?

As an Internet/web professional, you should:

  • be creative and imaginative and have good presentation skills
  • have a strong interest and ability in design
  • have an in-depth knowledge of how the internet works and web design software packages
  • have a working knowledge of computer peripherals such as scanners
  • be prepared to keep up to date with changes in technology
  • have good communication skills
  • be capable of explaining technical matters to people from non-technical backgrounds
  • have good analytical skills
  • be able to understand the wider business demands of the client when developing solutions
  • be capable of meeting deadlines.

Web Professional Career Opportunities

Opportunities exist in e-commerce (eg online shopping), film, TV, publishing, libraries, schools and museums.

Typical employers include specialist and internet service producers, publishers, graphic design companies, broadcasters, the press, film companies, and organisations with in-house web sites.

With an employer, promotion is often to project manager level, but many professionals work on a freelance or contract basis where experience and a good reputation are very important.

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