Multimedia Designer Careers

How to become Multimedia Designer

What does a Multimedia Designer do?

A multimedia designer or developer, uses a mixture of text, graphics, animation and sound to produce interactive websites, CD-ROMS and DVDs. They work in a wide range of sectors including commerce, industry, education and entertainment.

Multimedia designers work with clients in designing sites which best meet their business requirements. Typical duties include:

  • analysing client needs
  • identifying the media to be used
  • adapting customers’ existing products or services to fit into the a proposed new
  • multimedia system
  • producing graphic, animated, audio and video content
  • installing the material at the customer site
  • arranging training and support.
Once a proposal is accepted, the initial pages are designed, which could include copy, sound, animation and graphics, using appropriate software tools and a variety of desktop publishing packages. Once the product is finished it is tested, installed, and tested again, and any problems are corrected before it goes 'live'.

Multimedia designers may work as part of a team with other professional, such as graphic designers, software developers, writers or publishers.

What's the working environment like working as a Multimedia Designer?

Multimedia designers normally work a basic 37- to 40-hour week. Overtime may be necessary as deadlines approach.

Work is office-based, however, some multimedia specialists work from home.

Much of the work involves individuals or small teams working remotely using email and internet technologies to the full. Travel to clients' sites is involved but there is increasing use of electronic communications for meetings.

What does it take to become a Multimedia Designer?

As a multimedia designer, you should:

  • be creative, imaginative and have a strong interest and ability in design
  • have an excellent knowledge of software design packages
  • have a working knowledge of computer peripherals, such as scanners, digital cameras and video recorders
  • have good communication and presentation skills
  • be capable of explaining technical matters clearly, to people from technical and non-technical backgrounds
  • be prepared to keep up-to-date with changes in technology
  • have good analytical skills
  • be capable of meeting deadlines
  • be able to appreciate the client's business demands.

Multimedia Designer Career Opportunities

There are many opportunities in a variety of sectors, including e-commerce, film, TV, publishing, libraries, schools and museums.

Promotion prospects vary according to the type of employing organisation. With all-round experience, it may be possible to move into project management or departmental heads. Those working in marketing or advertising may become design managers or art directors.

Multimedia designers often work on a freelance or contract basis.

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