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How to become IT Support Technician

What does a IT Support Technician do?

IT support technicians, sometimes known as IS support staff, help to diagnose and correct software and hardware technical problems for IT users. They may work as part of a team within their own organisation or work for external commercial customers. IT support may be carried out on site or remotely via phone, email or web-based procedures.

Typical duties include:

  • working with the client to determine the exact nature of the fault
  • analysing the reasons for breakdown of systems or peripherals (printers, scanners, modems)
  • visiting users or customers on site for problems that cannot be dealt with over the phone or website
  • installing and configuring new equipment and upgrading existing systems
  • testing, repairing and maintaining equipment
  • documenting problems and solutions
  • giving basic training to new users or customers in using their PCs or specialist software applications.
Some support technicians work on technical support telephone helplines or online support services for PC manufacturers and retailers, dealing with enquiries from home users. For more details about this type of support role, see the Helpdesk Professional profile.

What's the working environment like working as a IT Support Technician?

Support staff work 37 to 40 hours a week, with shift, weekend and on-call work quite common.

Work is office-based with time spent visiting other departments within an organisation. There will be some travel involved if dealing with external clients.

What does it take to become a IT Support Technician?

As an IT support technician, you should:

  • have a thorough knowledge of networking and operating systems, hardware and common office software
  • have excellent analytical skills
  • be able to explain clearly problems and solutions, in non-technical terms
  • be able to work calmly and professionally under pressure
  • be patient and have a methodical approach to work
  • be able to work alone or as part of a team
  • be able to prioritise tasks
  • be able to work to deadlines
  • be able to keep up to date with developments in IT
  • be aware of safety issues associated with electrical equipment.

IT Support Technician Career Opportunities

Opportunities exist across a range of sectors, including IT, education, local government, finance and commerce. Promotion normally leads to supervisory roles and then to management of an IT support department.

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