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How to become IT project manager

So what does an IT Project Manager do?

IT project managers work for companies specialising in information technology, or in sectors unrelated to IT but which rely heavily on IT systems. They oversee the design and implementation of IT solutions to meet client needs, whether in-house or external. The role normally involves coordinating work with other professionals and a support team.

Project managers use project management tools, software and methodologies for resource planning, scheduling, estimating and costing, risk assessment, progress reporting, and evaluation of completed tasks.

IT project managers work in an increasingly broad cross-section of industry and commerce as more organisations become reliant on IT systems. Sectors include the IT industry itself, telecommunications, finance and the civil service.

Projects can vary in scale: they could be entirely within a company; they could involve working at a regional or national level; they could be multi-agency projects across national frontiers.

What's the working environment like for an IT project manager?

Project managers usually work normal office hours, but overtime may be necessary depending on deadlines.

Work is normally office-based but some time is spent visiting clients.


What does it take to become an IT project manager?

As a project manager in IT, you should:As a project manager in IT, you should:

  • have excellent organisational and leadership skills

  • have excellent analytical skills

  • be able to understand complex information and requirements

  • be able to prioritise key elements of an assignment

  • be able to evaluate on-going projects and adapt plans if necessary

  • have a methodical and structured approach to projects

  • have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written

  • have excellent IT skills

  • be very flexible

  • have a good understanding of business demands

  • be able to work effectively with other professionals

  • be able to work within tight constraints

  • be able to meet deadlines.


IT project manager career opportunities

Opportunities for project managers in IT are widening as more companies employ information systems technology to manage and develop their operations.

There are opportunities to work overseas, especially if you are working for a multi-national company.

The above organisations offer continuing professional development schemes for their members that allow progression into a more strategic role at company, inter-company, national and international levels.


Project managment advice from a real project manager

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'Work hard. Don't let problems bother you, embrace the challenge, the rewards are great. Read articles on any new technologies, keep up to date and bring this to your team. Be creative. Enjoy it!'

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