Swimming Teacher/Coach Careers

How to become Swimming Teacher/Coach

What does a Swimming Teacher/Coach do?

Swimming teachers/coaches, give instruction in swimming to people of all ages and abilities.

They may work with complete beginners, with competent swimmers wanting to improve their style, or with competitive swimmers involved in national and international swimming competitions.

What's the working environment like working as a Swimming Teacher/Coach?

Swimming teachers/coaches often have to work evenings and weekends, when many people participate in recreation. Those involved with training competitive swimmers have to be present at training sessions and competitions, often resulting in long working hours at unsocial times. This may also involve a large amount of travel. Many swimming teachers/coaches work part-time.

Teachers/coaches work in various settings, including schools, health centres, private health clubs and swimming clubs.

What does it take to become a Swimming Teacher/Coach?

To be a swimming teacher/coach you should have:

  • good verbal communication skills
  • the ability to inspire confidence and motivate performers
  • perseverance and patience
  • good organisational skills
  • the ability to be encouraging and put people at ease.

Swimming Teacher/Coach Career Opportunities

Whilst demand for swimming teachers/coaches is high, full-time paid jobs are very scarce. Vacancies are to be found with local authorities, outdoor pursuits centres, holiday camps, private hotels, large sports clubs and sports centres.

Many teachers/coaches begin by working part-time in a voluntary capacity. Professional sports coaching is very competitive and coaches will be judged by the success of the individual or team they coach. Most teachers/coaches are paid according to the number of hours they teach.

Currently there is a growth in sports development and some swimming teachers/coaches progress to becoming swimming development officers.

Further information

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Amateur Swimming Association (ASA)
18 Derby Square
LE11 5AL
Tel: 01509 618700

Swimming Teachers' Association (STA)
Anchor House
Birch Street
West Midlands
Tel: 01922 645097

Castlewood House
77-91 New Oxford Street
Advice line: 08000 933300

Sports Coach UK
114 Cardigan Road
Tel: 0113 274 4802

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