Personal Adviser (Connexions) Careers

How to become Personal Adviser (Connexions)

What does a Personal Adviser (Connexions) do?

Personal advisers in the Connexions Service provide guidance and support to people aged 13-19. The work involves both the provision of basic information, advice and guidance and more substantial one to one support for vulnerable young people.

Tasks include:

  • working with young people to help them establish their needs
  • offering the necessary information, advice, guidance or support
  • helping young people to cope with the challenges affecting their ability to participate in learning and work opportunities
  • working with parents, carers, families and other organisations to support young people
  • working with schools, colleges, employers and other organisations to discuss issues relevant to young people’s needs and to design local courses
  • managing information so that it meets the needs of young people
  • various administration, record keeping and information management tasks.
Much of the work involves direct one-to-one contact with young people, with group work such as giving talks or leading discussions also likely to feature. Some personal advisers specialise in providing intensive, long-term support to a small number of clients facing severe problems, while others work less intensively with larger numbers of people.

All personal advisers are expected to spend some time reviewing and reflecting on their professional practice.

What's the working environment like working as a Personal Adviser (Connexions)?

Hours vary. Although most work during the day, Monday to Friday, some advisors may need to cover evenings and weekends. The service may offer flexitime, part-time work, job-sharing or work during term-time only.

Advisers could be based in a school, college, Connexions centre or Connexions one-stop shop. The work usually involves local travel, as outreach work is common.

What does it take to become a Personal Adviser (Connexions)?

To be a personal adviser you should:

  • be non-judgmental and able to gain the trust and respect of young people
  • have excellent communication skills, and the ability to respond sympathetically to young people’s problems
  • be flexible, creative and imaginative in your approach to solving problems
  • be enthusiastic and committed to helping young people make the most of available opportunities
  • have patience, flexibility and a sense of humour
  • be able to work as a team member, and to organise your own workload
  • be self-critical and willing to adapt your working methods where necessary
  • have administrative and computer skills.

Personal Adviser (Connexions) Career Opportunities

The Connexions Service is delivered by local Connexions Partnerships throughout England. Suitable candidates for personal adviser posts are in demand, particularly in London and south-east England and other large cities. Connexions is not available in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Most personal advisers are employed directly by local Connexions Partnerships. Some are employed by organisations subcontracted to provide a service to Connexions, for example youth services, health authorities or voluntary organisations.

There are opportunities for promotion to management posts within the service, or to move into related fields such as education welfare, the care sector and training.

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