NVQ/SVQ Assessor/Verifier Careers

How to become NVQ/SVQ Assessor/Verifier

What does a NVQ/SVQ Assessor/Verifier do?

NVQ/SVQ assessor/verifiers assess trainees working towards National/Scottish Vocational Qualifications. They monitor candidates against a list of occupational standards, by directly observing the person at work, checking a portfolio of written evidence, or other methods. They provide feedback to the trainees, and offer advice if the standards are not met.

Assessors must keep accurate written records of their candidates' progress, according to the requirements of the NVQ/SVQ awarding bodies.

NVQ/SVQ assessors employed by training providers or colleges may have a large caseload of candidates to deal with. They may also have to canvass local employers to arrange work placements for trainees.

Many are employed as trainer-assessors, who plan and deliver work-related training as well as carry out assessments. Those who deal with 16 to 24 year olds under the Apprenticeship scheme may also provide training and assessment in the Key Skills of literacy, numeracy, communication and using information technology.

Internal and external verifiers carry out quality checks on the work of NVQ/SVQ assessors and training centres, to make sure the assessment process is carried out properly.

What's the working environment like working as a NVQ/SVQ Assessor/Verifier?

NVQ/SVQ assessors usually work between 37 and 40 hours a week, Monday to Friday. They may have to work outside normal office hours to fit in with their candidates' shift patterns.

They are usually based in an office or training centre, but often travel around to assess candidates in their own workplace. Depending on the occupational area, assessments could take place indoors or outdoors.

What does it take to become a NVQ/SVQ Assessor/Verifier?

To be an NVQ/SVQ assessor/verifier, you should:

  • be competent and experienced in the occupational area you want to assess
  • have excellent communication skills, to explain the occupational standards and give feedback
  • be good at motivating and encouraging people
  • be interested in helping people develop
  • be patient and tactful
  • be able to relate to staff at all levels
  • be skilled at writing reports and keeping accurate written records.

NVQ/SVQ Assessor/Verifier Career Opportunities

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