Martial Arts Instructor Careers

How to become Martial Arts Instructor

What does a Martial Arts Instructor do?

Martial arts instructors help people learn the skills they need to participate safely and to the best of their ability in a particular martial arts discipline. Types of Martial Arts include Judo, Karate, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do and Silat. They work with adults and children, across a wide range of capabilities.

Instructors demonstrate techniques and coach at a level that is appropriate to the individual students. They write training programmes, maintain equipment and give students feedback on their progress. They are also responsible for the health and safety, and child protection of their students, where appropriate.

What's the working environment like working as a Martial Arts Instructor?

Martial arts instructors usually work evenings and weekends, when most people participate in recreation. Sessions can last between one and three hours usually with a break. Some instructors may be present at training sessions and competitions, resulting in long working hours. Travel may be involved.

Instructors work in a variety of locations depending on their opportunities and preferences, from church halls and pub rooms to leisure centres and martial arts studios.

The work involves some periods of standing observing others participate, mixed with periods of activity when the instructor demonstrates or trains with participants.

What does it take to become a Martial Arts Instructor?

To be a martial arts instructor you should have:

  • in-depth knowledge of, and ability in, your discipline
  • good verbal communication skills
  • perserverance and patience
  • enthusiasm and the ability to inspire confidence and motivate others
  • a tactful approach to students
  • good organisational skills
  • physical stamina.

Martial Arts Instructor Career Opportunities

Instructors are generally self-employed and they promote themselves as businesses. Their work can be either a main source of income or a second income.

Instructors could also work in military, law enforcement or security roles.

There is the potential to set up your own school or association with a senior instructor award and some years' experience. Opportunities vary between disciplines. Contact your NGB for details.

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