Adult Education Organiser Careers

How to become an Adult Education Organiser

What does a Adult Education Organiser do?

Adult education organisers, also known as community education organisers, research and plan programmes of evening or part-time courses.

They talk to groups and individuals in the community to find out what they want, and liaise with local course providers. Courses include formal programmes of learning (such as GCSEs and A levels, and in Scotland, S grades and H grades). They also include informal learning (such as courses that aim to develop confidence and learning skills).

Adult education organisers’ duties and responsibilities may include:

  • advertising for, interviewing and appointing tutors
  • organising suitable venues and times for classes
  • planning, printing, advertising and distributing course information
  • advising and guiding people who are trying to decide which courses to take, both in person and by telephone
  • running enrolment evenings
  • visiting classes to make sure that the programme is going as planned
  • controlling the budget for adult education and bidding for more funding
  • administrative work (they may have an assistant to help with this task).
Many adult education organisers combine their work with teaching adult classes part-time. Some of their time is also spent going to meetings, on training courses and keeping up to date with lifelong learning developments.

What's the working environment like working as a Adult Education Organiser?

Adult education organisers can work full-time or part- time. They almost certainly work during evenings, and sometimes on Saturdays.

Organisers are usually based in an office in a school, college or local centre where courses are held. They may sometimes work from home. The job involves considerable travel locally to visit classes and go to meetings.

What does it take to become a Adult Education Organiser?

To be an adult education organiser you should:

  • have experience of working with adults
  • be committed to lifelong learning
  • have knowledge of a range of academic and practical subjects in order to select suitable tutors
  • understand the education and qualification system
  • have good planning and organising skills
  • be able to communicate with a wide range of people
  • have good administrative and numerical skills.
A driving licence is usually needed.

Adult Education Organiser Career Opportunities

Adult education organisers in England and Wales work for a local education authority, a college of further education or an independently funded community organisation.

In Scotland they work for the Community Education Service, an independently funded community organisation, a further education college or a higher education institution.

The number of adult education organisers is increasing and is likely to continue increasing as lifelong learning becomes established.

Promotion opportunities in adult education tend to be more limited than in further education and higher education. Adult education organisers may be able to transfer to teaching, educational guidance work or community development. They may move into an urban or rural regeneration project.

Further information

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Vacancies are often advertised in the local press and on local authority, or specific institution, websites.

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