Tyre/Exhaust Fitter Careers

How to become Tyre/Exhaust Fitter

What does a Tyre/Exhaust Fitter do?

Tyre/exhaust fitters repair and replace worn or damaged tyres and exhaust systems. They can work in specialist tyre and exhaust centres, or alongside mechanics in garages or workshops. Some deal with both tyres and exhausts; others specialise in just one.

They can work on any kind of vehicle, from cars or light vehicles to large goods or public service vehicles. They may also go out and repair tyres on vehicles that have broken down. Some of the work is done manually and some involves using measuring equipment.

Those working for a larger tyre and exhaust company are often trained to deal with other tasks, such as repairing vehicle suspension systems, steering or brakes, carrying out MOT tests, and fitting child safety seats.

What's the working environment like working as a Tyre/Exhaust Fitter?

Many tyre/exhaust fitters work five or six days a week, on a rota. The majority of tyre and exhaust fitting centres are open long hours, including weekends and evenings. Overtime is likely.

They work in garages or workshops, often in awkward, cramped conditions. They use power tools, workbenches, ramps and sometimes pits.

What does it take to become a Tyre/Exhaust Fitter?

To be a tyre/exhaust fitter, you should:

  • be physically fit, with plenty of stamina as the work can be strenuous and heavy
  • be able to work as part of a team
  • have good customer service and communication skills
  • have numerical ability for handling cash and credit card transactions
  • be conscious of health and safety regulations.

Tyre/Exhaust Fitter Career Opportunities

Opportunities exist with specialist tyre and exhaust centres, and main dealers specialising in a certain make of vehicle. Qualified fitters may become general fast-fit technicians or mobile electronics and security technicians. Fitters can also work for transport firms, carrying out regular inspections, repairs and maintenance in their workshops.

Promotion to supervisor and then manager may be possible. Tyre/exhaust fitters might also be able to move into an area such as stock control if they work for a smaller company.

Most opportunities are in towns and cities.

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