Estate Agent Careers

How to become Estate Agent

What does a Estate Agent do?

Estate agents use their expertise and knowledge of local market conditions to decide a price for land or property.

They advise on methods of sale, measure the property, write sale details and arrange advertising. They show the property to potential buyers and negotiate the sale on behalf of their clients, who may be the buyer or seller.

Estate agents can specialise in a number of areas:

  • residential market
  • commercial properties
  • valuation and sale of furniture and fine arts
  • estate management
  • sale of agricultural land and property.
They may be asked by a lending institution to prepare a report supporting a borrower’s loan application.

Estate agents may also manage rented property and ensure that landlord/tenant legal obligations are complied with.

What's the working environment like working as a Estate Agent?

Most Estate agents work a minimum of 40 hours a week, including some evenings and weekends, usually on a rota basis.

The work is office-based, in office premises or an estate agent’s high street shop. They spend a good deal of time in clients’ homes or business premises. Property valuations involve bending and climbing.

What does it take to become a Estate Agent?

To be an estate agent you need:

  • a wide technical knowledge of your subject
  • shrewd commercial judgement
  • a good understanding of law, finance, and economics
  • good local knowledge of land/property values
  • good marketing skills
  • the ability to monitor and analyse market trends
  • to be approachable and smartly dressed
  • excellent communication skills, both spoken and written
  • excellent negotiation skills
  • to be computer literate
  • the ability to inspire confidence in others.
A driving licence is useful and sometimes essential.

Estate Agent Career Opportunities

Most estate agents are self employed, or partners in private firms of estate agents, although some work in the civil service. Promotion to management positions may be possible.

Demand for estate agents is dependent on the buoyancy of the property market and levels of construction activity. This may vary on a regional basis.

There may be opportunities for estate agents to train in home inspection or surveying. For more details see the Surveyor and Home Inspector profiles or visit the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) website, listed in Further Information.

Further information

If you would like to know anything about Estate Agent that does not appear on Hotcourses, further information can be found below.

National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA)
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Tel: 01926 496800

Asset Skills
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Helpline: 08000 567160
Online Learning:

Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)
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