Cellar Technician Careers

How to become Cellar Technician

What does a Cellar Technician do?

Cellar technicians install and maintain drinks dispense systems in licensed premises - such as pubs, clubs, hotels and restaurants and other places where soft drinks are served. Drinks dispense systems consist of the taps, piping, pumps, refrigeration equipment, gas generating equipment, pressure meters, valves and electrical wiring that allow beers and carbonated soft drinks to be stored.

Cellar technicians initially visit the premises where dispense systems are to be installed in order to make sure that they can connect the system with the necessary mains water, electricity supply and drainage. They calculate which parts they will need to complete the installation and then order them from their base. They may have to make alterations to the premises, using joinery skills.

Cellar technicians need to be familiar with health and safety regulations and work within them.

What's the working environment like working as a Cellar Technician?

Cellar technicians usually work 40 hours a week although they may have to work overtime when there is increased demand for installation. They may have to be available for emergency calls at short notice and be able to provide cover seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Cellar technicians are usually based at a depot but travel to wherever dispensing systems are to be installed. Sometimes they may have to spend one or more weeks away from home, with expenses paid by their employer.

Technicians work in bars, but also work in cellars and storerooms which may be cold and cramped. They may have to work in awkward positions while fitting pipes and wiring. They may also have to carry heavy equipment.

What does it take to become a Cellar Technician?

As a cellar technician, you should:

  • be competent in the use of hand/power tools
  • be physically fit
  • have good customer care skills.

Cellar Technician Career Opportunities

Cellar technicians can work anywhere in the UK where there are licensed premises. They are employed by breweries and soft drinks manufacturers, by manufacturers of drinks dispense equipment and by specialist firms who provide services to breweries.

Experienced cellar technicians can be promoted to supervisory or management positions, or may move into sales.

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