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How to become Ceiling Fixer

What does a Ceiling Fixer do?

Ceiling fixers fit suspended ceilings in buildings to conceal pipework, wiring, and heating or air conditioning systems. The majority of the work is on new or refurbished commercial developments such as offices, shops and factories. They can also be found working on public sector projects such as hospitals and schools.

Working from technical drawings, written instructions and site measurements, ceiling fixers set out, cut and fix a framework of aluminium supports to the underside of the floor or to the existing ceiling. They use spirit, laser or water levels to check that this framework is horizontal. Ceiling panels are then fitted to the framework and cut and shaped to fit around lights and fittings using a variety of hand and power tools. They normally work from access platforms, ladders or scaffolding.

Ceiling fixers may fit insulation materials in the ceiling space before installing the panels. Some ceiling fixers also install relocatable dry lining wall and floor partitions, and deal with raised flooring systems.

What's the working environment like working as a Ceiling Fixer?

Ceiling fixers work a 39-hour week. Overtime, including weekends may be available.

Their work is mainly indoors and includes working at heights, sometimes in cramped and confined spaces. The work involves lifting and carrying materials and tools, and climbing ladders. Protective hard hats, overalls and boots are worn.

Ceiling fixers travel from site to site, so a driving licence will be useful.

What does it take to become a Ceiling Fixer?

To be a ceiling fixer you need:

  • to be able to understand technical plans and instructions
  • good practical skills, with the ability to work accurately and neatly
  • a good standard of numeracy for measuring areas and calculating amounts of materials
  • to be physically fit
  • the ability to work in a team or alone
  • good time management skills
  • an awareness of health and safety issues.

Ceiling Fixer Career Opportunities

The majority of ceiling fixers are employed by companies that specialise in fitting suspended ceilings in commercial premises. Some ceiling fixers are self-employed. There may be prospects for promotion to supervisory level then construction management.

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