Accommodation Warden Careers

How to become an Accommodation Warden

What does a Accommodation Warden do?

Wardens are responsible for managing accommodation. They may organise catering, oversee cleaning and maintenance staff, and ensure there is effective security provision. In some roles, wardens collect rent or fees. However, duties vary according to the type of accommodation provided and the needs of the people living there.

Wardens in sheltered or supported housing may work with elderly or homeless people, or in accommodation specially adapted for people with disabilities. In this environment tasks are more likely to be related to the welfare of the residents. Assessments are made to determine how much support residents need to maintain a certain quality of life. Organising social events to interest and stimulate the residents is often necessary.

Work in a youth hostel or students’ residence requires dealing with more practical issues relating to day-to-day living.

Job titles may vary, for example residential warden or housing officer.

What's the working environment like working as a Accommodation Warden?

Wardens usually work around 37 hours a week, Monday to Friday. Some wardens work weekends, and/or provide a 24-hour on-call service during the week.

Travel between sites may be necessary when working in supported or sheltered accommodation.

Wardens usually work in a purpose-built environment, and often live on site.

What does it take to become a Accommodation Warden?

As a warden you should:

  • be friendly and outgoing
  • have the skills to communicate with a wide variety of people
  • be caring, sensitive and a good listener
  • be well-organised and methodical
  • remain calm under pressure and be able to handle emergencies
  • have administration and management abilities, and basic computer skills
  • be literate and numerate for budget planning.

Accommodation Warden Career Opportunities

Most jobs for wardens are in towns and cities. Local authorities employ the most wardens in the UK, but you could also work for housing associations, private companies, voluntary organisations or educational institutions. Opportunities exist to work in:

  • supported accommodation
  • rehabilitation centres and hostels
  • youth hostels (usually in tourist or scenic areas)
  • independent living centres
  • hostels for employees, such as nurses.
Promotion may be from assistant to warden - or could involve changing employer for a job with greater responsibility or better pay.

Some wardens gain relevant qualifications and go on to work in social work, housing or counselling.

Further information

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