Wardrobe Assistant Careers

How to become Wardrobe Assistant

What does a Wardrobe Assistant do?

Wardrobe assistants are junior members of the wardrobe/costume department, which is responsible for providing both made and hired costumes. The department is headed by a costume designer - see the Costume Designer profile for details of this role. Assistants work under the direction of the costume supervisor or wardrobe master/mistress as part of a wider costume team, which on large productions may also include cutters, makers, finishers, dyers and milliners.

Assistants' main duties are: dressing the artists; standing by to maintain costumes between takes or scenes; making alterations and repairs; packing and unpacking costumes; cleaning and laundering costumes after use; helping with buying and fittings; occasionally making pieces, breaking down costumes, and any other duties deemed useful by other members of the costume team.

What's the working environment like working as a Wardrobe Assistant?

Wardrobe assistants are usually employed on a freelance basis, so hours and conditions vary. Hours are likely to be long and irregular, especially during a production.

Depending on the nature and location of the production, wardrobe assistants may work in studios or theatres, or out on location.

What does it take to become a Wardrobe Assistant?

To be a wardrobe assistant you should:

  • have a strong interest in the theatre/films/TV
  • have good hand and machine sewing and other practical garment skills
  • have an appreciation of style, an interest in costume history and design and in contemporary fashion
  • be flexible and adaptable
  • be able to pay keen attention to detail, for dealing with continuity in film and TV
  • be able to follow precise instructions
  • be well organised and able to work under pressure
  • be tactful when dealing with performers.

Wardrobe Assistant Career Opportunities

Employment is usually on a freelance basis, permanent positions are rare.

Once you have gained experience, and possibly undertaken further training, it may be possible to progress to costume supervisor or wardrobe master/mistress, and possibly from then on to assistant costume designer. See the Costume Designer profile for information on this role.

Wardrobe and design experts tend to stay in the same area - stage, film or TV - but there may be opportunities for the most experienced people to diversify.

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