Media Producer Careers

How to become Media Producer

What does a Media Producer do?

Producers orchestrate the various resources needed to complete productions in sectors such as film, TV, radio and video. Some producers have creative input, originating ideas and developing initial concepts for a project, and they may be involved in casting decisions and script editing, whereas others are specialists in finance or law and therefore have a more business-related role. All producers' work combines detailed knowledge of the industry with extensive business skills.

Factors such as the available budget and the size and type of production can determine the producer's actual responsibilities. Typically, the producer assesses the resources needed and oversees the production from start to finish, working to tight schedules and budgetary restrictions. They may be responsible for selecting and hiring key creative personnel such as the cast and crew, and for ensuring that all the necessary technical resources and support services are in place. Senior positions involve managing other producers.

In some instances such as in film production, the producer may be required to approach several backers to raise the initial finances, and must manage the cash flow according to different terms and conditions. Those working in radio and TV must understand and satisfy the commissioning criteria of broadcasters, and bid for funding and schedule space. Producers in radio could also research and present their own programmes.

What's the working environment like working as a Media Producer?

Producers work long, irregular hours according to the demands of the project being undertaken. Freelance and contract work is possible.

While much of the work is office-based, there will be significant travel to monitor the production's progress and to attend meetings.

What does it take to become a Media Producer?

To be a producer you should:

  • have an extensive background of work in a media production, financial or business environment
  • have a thorough knowledge of the industry and the different roles within it
  • be aware of the laws affecting the media, including copyright, compliance and health and safety
  • have creative vision and the ability to present ideas
  • display commitment, patience and determination, and have plenty of stamina
  • be highly organised, with strong research, financial, budgeting and planning skills
  • be adept at writing and script editing
  • have excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • be an effective leader and manager
  • understand your target audience and the possibilities for a project's commercial exploitation.

Media Producer Career Opportunities

The majority of producers are permanently employed by the many independent production companies around the UK, with the remainder working for broadcasters and other audio-visual companies.

Those with extensive experience can progress to senior positions including executive producer and series producer.

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