Book Editor Careers

How to become a Book Editor

What does a Book Editor do?

Editors are responsible for the style and content of publications. In book publishing, a commissioning editor selects the authors a publisher uses and the books to be printed, while copy-editors check articles for consistency and style. Much of the time is spent reading and evaluating manuscripts, meeting agents and authors, and attending book fairs.

After commissioning, the editor monitors the book’s progress and prepares regular reports for other departments such as sales, marketing and design. Controlling costs and budgets is an important part of the job, as is overseeing the work of editorial staff.

Some publishers employ specialist proofreaders and indexers to create indexes in technical books.

What's the working environment like working as a Book Editor?

Editors work long and irregular hours, including evenings and weekends.

The work is office-based, involving extensive use of computers. Much of the time is spent in meetings. There is a considerable degree of travel around the UK and overseas to meet new writers and agents, and to attend book fairs.

What does it take to become a Book Editor?

To be an editor you should have:

  • a good command of English with strong writing and IT skills
  • planning, organisational and staff management skills
  • creativity and good visual sense
  • financial skills and commercial flair
  • some legal knowledge regarding the content of publications
  • an eye for detail and the ability to implement change where necessary
  • an understanding of target audiences
  • negotiating and decision-making skills.

Book Editor Career Opportunities

Employment is available with contract publishers who work with a number of different clients. Many editors work on a freelance basis, and overseas employment is possible.

Commissioning editors may become editorial managers or directors, publishers, or may move into specialist areas.

Further information

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  • Until something is sold, nothing happens (think about it).
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