Clothing Presser Careers

How to become clothing presser

What does a clothing presser do?

Clothing pressers use steam irons and vacuum presses to shape garments and remove creases from them. This is carried out from the manufacturing process to the finished product, often within a garment finishing department. They are also found in dry cleaning companies.

Depending on the type of garment and fabric, one machine or a number of different machines may be used for various methods of pressing. Some pressing is done automatically using computer-controlled machinery.

In smaller companies pressing is likely to form only part of a job alongside other tasks, for example, sewing machining. In larger firms, it may be possible to specialise in pressing.


What's the working environment like for clothing pressers?

Pressers usually work a 39-hour week. Overtime is common and part-time work may be available.

Conditions depend on the type of factory, some can be light and spacious; others hot and cramped.


What does it take to become a clothing presser?

To be a clothing presser you should:

  • have a good appreciation for detail

  • have good practical skills

  • have a methodical approach

  • be able to follow set procedures

  • be able to concentrate for long periods

  • be able to perform repetitive tasks

  • be physically fit.


Clothing presser career opportunities

There are over 5,000 companies spread throughout the country, mainly in inner city areas. Around 80% of these are small to medium sized. Most of the jobs are in making up garments, such as cutting and stitching, with the number of pressers in decline.

Opportunities for career progression depend on the size of the company and its resources but include machining, pattern cutting/grading or supervisory roles. In larger organisations, there may be options to become an instructor, training new staff.


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