3-D Designer (craft) Careers

How to become a 3D designer (craft)

What does a 3D craft designer do?

3D craft designers work with a wide range of materials and techniques to produce one-off pieces or relatively small numbers of copies. A 3D craft designer could work in ceramics, pottery, glass or metal, or might be involved in bookbinding, jewellery-making or furniture-making.

They start off with an idea and draw initial sketches by hand, or sometimes on computer. They have to consider materials, costs and how to actually make the piece. They may have to make a sample or prototype before going into production.

Craft designers sell their goods at craft fairs or exhibitions and through shops and galleries, which take a percentage of the price as commission. They may have to manage their own business, including marketing and publicising their work and keeping records.

What's the working environment like for 3D craft designers?

There are no set hours and 3D designers might find have to work long hours as they start to build their business.

They are usually based in a studio, workshop or at home, but will also spend time at fairs, exhibitions or visiting shops, galleries and private customers.

What does it take to become a 3D designer?

You need:

  • to be creative

  • practical skills and knowledge of the materials and tools needed

  • an understanding of colour and 3-D design

  • to be able to plan and organise a project through several stages

  • the ability to work out the costs of materials and time and price items accordingly

  • the ability to negotiate with customers and sell ideas and designs

  • business skills, including marketing, book-keeping and organisation are very useful

  • a knowledge of safety requirements.


3D designer career opportunities

Interest in the career is growing and most 3D craft designers are self-employed or work freelance.There are very few opportunities to work in design or manufacturing companies; and competition is fierce. Success depends on your creativity and ability, but also on market trends.

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