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How to become Farm Worker

What does a Farm Worker do?

Farm workers are employed by farmers and landowners to carry out practical tasks on livestock, arable or mixed farms.

Their duties will vary according to the type of farm and the time of year, but could include:

  • caring for animals - tasks such as feeding, mucking out, caring for sick animals, preparing cows for milking, operating milking machinery (may also be known as stockmen/women)
  • ploughing fields, sowing, tending and harvesting crops, spreading fertiliser and spraying crops
  • driving and maintaining tractors and combine harvesters and other vehicles
  • maintaining farm buildings, laying and trimming hedges, digging and maintaining ditches, putting up and mending fences.

What's the working environment like working as a Farm Worker?

Farm workers generally work 39 hours a week, including weekends, but longer hours are likely at certain times such as lambing season or harvesting. Early starts are common.

Most jobs involve working outdoors in all weathers, and the work is physically demanding, with a lot of bending, lifting and carrying. It will usually be necessary to live on or near the farm.

What does it take to become a Farm Worker?

To be a farm worker you should:

  • be fit and strong, and capable of hard physical work
  • have practical skills and be able to work on a range of different tasks
  • be safety conscious, as farm work is potentially hazardous
  • be able to deal with simple calculations for weighing materials
  • be capable of keeping simple written records
  • be happy working outdoors in all weather conditions.

Farm Worker Career Opportunities

There are opportunities for farm workers throughout the UK. Employers include farm owners, commercial organisations, and universities or research institutions. There is a lot of competition for farm manager positions.

Skilled workers are much more likely to find work than unskilled workers.

With qualifications and experience, promotion to supervisor or unit manager on a large farm may be possible. Movement from farm to farm to gain experience and promotion is usual.

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