Practice Manager Careers

How to become Practice Manager

What does a Practice Manager do?

Practice managers have responsibility for the overall running of a GP's surgery, managing the accounts and records and developing the practice's business strategy. They recruit, train and supervise clerical staff, calculate and arrange payment of staff wages, and organise duty rosters for doctors.

Duties vary according to the size and location of the practice, but include recording and checking accounts and invoices, arranging the cleaning, maintenance and security of the premises, overseeing the reception area and appointments system, and keeping inventories of equipment, stationery and drugs, maintaining stock levels where necessary.

Practice managers also attend practice meetings and take notes, prepare financial forecasts and cash flow projections, monitor prescribing data and prepare reports. There is significant contact with external organisations such as local health authorities and medical committees, primary care groups and NHS trusts, and local authority social services departments.

What's the working environment like working as a Practice Manager?

Practice managers usually work a 37-hour week. Some flexibility may be necessary during busy times, and some evening work may be required depending on the surgery's opening hours. Part-time work may be available in some practices.

What does it take to become a Practice Manager?

To be a practice manager, you should:

  • have excellent organisational skills
  • have an interest in medicine
  • be good at managing people and have excellent communication skills
  • be able to accurately organise and manage information
  • be numerate and computer literate
  • be able to work under pressure
  • have a mature and responsible attitude
  • be adaptable to change.

Practice Manager Career Opportunities

There are opportunities for practice managers all over the UK.

Similar management jobs can also be found in hospitals, health authorities, and community offices, dental practices, nursing homes and other health and social services providers.

In Scotland, a few practice managers are partners in their own right, and are part-owners of the practice.

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