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How to become a Personal Business Adviser

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What does a Personal Business Adviser do?

Personal business advisers provide independent advice to small and medium-sized businesses. They analyse their customers' businesses to gain a full understanding of how they are performing and their future potential. They identify which support and specialist services the businesses require and recommend appropriate suppliers.

Business advisers will investigate competitors, develop performance indicators and help the business arrive at a business plan. They may look at costs, productivity and processes, and develop feasible solutions. They are also likely to advise on expanding new markets, structuring sales activity and marketing strategies.

Business advisers may specialise in a number of areas which may include:
  • business start-up
  • marketing and selling
  • business planning and growing the business
  • vocational training and NVQs
  • IT needs
  • finance.
Advisers may be self-employed or work for business enterprise initiatives, such as Business Link in England, Business Eye in Wales or within Scottish Enterprise’s network of local enterprise companies. They may actively seek a range of local businesses to work with in order to develop their businesses.

What's the working environment like working as a Personal Business Adviser?

A personal business adviser normally works 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, although some evening or weekend work is often required.

The majority of work is indoors in the business adviser’s office, or at the premises of customers and service providers. Some travel is required. A driving licence is useful.

What does it take to become a Personal Business Adviser?

A personal business adviser should:

  • have substantial experience of managing and marketing small or medium-sized businesses
  • have excellent written and spoken communication skills
  • be an analytical thinker and a decision maker
  • have an awareness of current business and financial procedures and trends
  • be knowledgeable of local, national and European business support initiatives and funding
  • be able to analyse businesses and highlight priorities
  • have an objective, non-judgemental and positive approach
  • be a competent user of IT
  • be self-motivated, determined and flexible
  • be capable of managing a number of projects at one time and be able to work with minimum supervision.

Personal Business Adviser Career Opportunities

Personal business advisers are either employed or self-employed under contract with the local Business Link in England, Business Eye in Wales or within Scottish Enterprise's network of local economic centres.

There are opportunities for promotion to team manager or to become a specialist consultant.

Further information

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Institute of Business Advisers (IBA)
Response House
Queen Street North
S41 9AB
Tel: 01246 453322

Business Link
Tel: 0845 600 9006

Business Eye Wales
Tel: 08457 969798

Scottish Enterprise
Tel: 0845 607 8787

Facts and Stats:

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