Pensions Manager Careers

How to become pensions manager

What does a pensions manager do?

Pensions managers organise the effective running and development of pension schemes. They oversee the recruitment, training and performance of their staff, and maintain efficient administrative procedures.

Their role is likely to include:

  • ensuring processes meet auditing and regulatory standards
  • negotiating disputes
  • designing and developing pension schemes and strategies
  • managing change and resources.

Pensions managers are likely to liaise with actuaries, solicitors, auditors, investment consultants and trustees. They usually have overall responsibility for any communications with scheme members and contribute to the marketing plan. The Financial Services Authority (FSA) regulates the pensions industry, and managers will need to ensure their staff and products meet FSA requirements. 


What's the working environment like for a pensions manager?

Pensions managers usually work 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, but there may be some variation when attending meetings.

The work is largely office-based, although visits to scheme members in offices, factories and other types of business will necessitate some travel. There may be occasional periods away from home.

What does it take to become a pensions manager?

To be a pensions manager you should:

  • be able to interpret complex information
  • have good numeracy and business skills
  • have strong oral and written communication skills
  • be confident at making decisions
  • have a meticulous approach to detail
  • have good organisational ability
  • be able to motivate and direct a team.

Pensions manager career opportunities

Pensions managers work in any large company or organisation which runs its own pension scheme. Many work for an investment manager or insurance company which runs the pensions on behalf of other companies or individuals. For more information about opportunities and skills shortages within the industry, contact the Financial Services Skills Council.

Experienced pensions managers can move on to manage the pension department of a larger organisation, or move in to another area such as insurance or general management; some choose to become self-employed pensions consultants.


Further information

If you would like to learn more about becoming a pensions manager that does not appear on Hotcourses, further information can be found below.

Financial Services Skills Council (FSSC)
51 Gresham Street
Tel: 020 7216 7366

The Pensions Management Institute
PMI House
4-10 Artillery Lane
E1 7LS
Tel: 020 7392 7400

Chartered Insurance Institute
20 Aldermanbury
Tel: 020 8989 8464

Financial Services Authority
25 The North Colonnade
Canary Wharf
E14 5HS
Tel: 020 7066 1000



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