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How to become a Finance Clerk

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What does a Finance Clerk do?

Accounts clerks keep accurate financial records, and check and help prepare accounts for all types of businesses. They can also be known as finance clerks or book-keepers.

In larger organisations, they may specialise in one area of accounting like sales or purchase ledger, payroll or credit control. They also often provide administrative support to professional accountants. Bookkeeping for small businesses combine these roles, and may also bank takings and balance petty cash.

Bookkeeping can vary widely according to levels of responsibility and experience, and whether they specialise in one area or perform wider accounting duties, but the work typically includes:

  • balancing accounts (double entry book-keeping)
  • processing sales invoices, receipts and payments
  • preparing statements showing income and expenditure
  • completing VAT returns
  • checking accounts for accuracy
  • preparing wages and processing expenses claims, if dealing with payroll
  • helping to prepare final accounts, such as profit and loss accounts and balance sheets.
Most organisations have computerised systems using a variety of spreadsheets, databases and specialised accounting software packages.

What's the working environment like working as a Finance Clerk?

Most accounts clerks work 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. They may need to work extra hours at busy times. In some organisations flexi-time may be in operation.

There are opportunities for part-time work and job sharing. Temporary work is often available.

What does it take to become a Finance Clerk?

To be an accounts clerk you should:

  • be comfortable working with numbers
  • have good verbal and written communication skills
  • have an interest in business and finance
  • be able to plan and organise your own workload
  • have good concentration and attention to detail
  • be able to maintain good working relationships
  • have the ability to work to strict deadlines
  • be honest, discreet and trustworthy.

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