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The best children’s toys of the 90s

The best childrens toys of the 90s

First published date August 20 2014 Amended date February 23 2016

Back in a time where you spent your days watching ‘Playdays’ and ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’, sits a bag of toys the world has forgotten. Whatever happened to Furbys, Tamgotchis and inflatable furniture? To jog your memory and because we think that career in childcare at least partly equals playing with toys for a living, we have come up with the best toys a 90’s child would have played with.

The Furby - all fun and games until it broke and kept you awake all night making terrifying noises

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Fisherprice rollerblades – a recipe for disaster and grazed knees

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Tamagotchi – fun for the first few days, until the joys of parenthood wore off/ you went to school and it died 

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Trolls – We found them cute at the time, until their hair got matted and weird 

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Cabbage Patch Kids – The ready named doll with a big plastic head 

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Polly Pockets – Losing Polly was a common occurrence

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Sylvanian Families – Is it odd we still find these adorable? 

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Slinky – We all remember the awful moment when it fell down the stairs and got too tangled for words

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Koosh ball – Fun for five minutes, instantly forgotten

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Rubiks Cube – Peeling off all the stickers with frustration was almost as difficult as trying to solve the puzzle itself

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Etch a Sketch – Hours of hard work shaken away by mistake 

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Game Boy – The portable PlayStation and Xboxes of the nineties 

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An inflatable chair – The insanely uncomfortable item of furniture we begged our parents for and sat in twice 

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Inflatable rucksack – Just when you thought the craze was over...

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Gooey aliens –We all believed the rumours they could have babies and these became a very short lived craze

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B1 doll – Those crazy Bananas in Pyjamas, always chasing teddy bears 

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Toy Story - Team Buzz or Woody, it was a tough choice 

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Lava lamp – They took hours to work and would then get insanely hot, usually ending in tears 

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Skip it – Another playground staple, until children started falling over their own feet and schools reconsidered

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My Little Pony – They didn’t do much, but we were obsessed with their rainbow coloured hair 

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