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11 carvings you just wood’nt believe

11 carvings you just woodnt believe

First published date August 14 2015 Amended date February 03 2016

If you ever needed inspiration to go on a wood carving course, you’ll find it here. In fact, it’s hard to not want to pick up your tools looking at these eleven carvings. Got the urge to have a go? We’ve got it covered! Chisel your way to the top with one of these wood carving courses.


1. The weirdly realistic looking man

Image via pinterest

Admit it; you did a double take there.


2. The stag

Image via themetapicture.com

Just wow/how?


3. The crazy bird

Image via izifunny.com

Far more impressive than the computer game could ever be, this is one crazy bird we want in our lives.


4. The brown owl

Image via pinterest

We don’t believe this isn’t real. We just don’t.


5. The bear club

Image via pinterest

Because who wouldn’t want Paddington and pals in their back garden?


6. The catch

Image via pinterest

Sticking with the bear theme, who wouldn’t want Paddington catching fish down their stairs?


7. The lazy bear

Image via pinterest

Ok, last bear we promise.


8. The erm, skeleton mouse eating a rolling pin?

Image via hilobrow.com

Half of us find this really cool; the other half finds it really weird.


9. The cutest owl ever

Image via pinterest

No explanation needed, we want him.


10. The impractical gadget

Image via techeblog.com

Because every child wants a wooden X-box controller they can’t actually use.


11. The apple Cox

Image via pinterest

Yeah, we don’t get it either.


Ready to start filing, sanding and varnishing your way to being a wood carving pro? Take a look at these courses and get going! Don’t forget to send us a photo of your work on facebook (especially if it is Paddington bear related). 

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