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Are these the strangest sofas of all time?

Are these the strangest sofas of all time

Published January 27 2017

When it comes to upholstery, we had two options; the first, to smother you in cute Laura Ashley themed upholstery designs, the second to show you the weirdest sofas of all time. Unsurprisingly after a sugar fuelled afternoon, the latter won, so sit back and enjoy this strange compilation of sofas. Whether these images make you want to run to Pinterest for some more conventional ‘before and after’ snaps, or book a course and have a go for yourself, it seems in the world of upholstery anything really is possible.


Take a cat nap

Who wouldn’t want a giant cat lying in their living room? 

Image via odditymall.com


Nicolas Cage

We can’t get our heads around this one either. 

Image via saltypeaks.com


Teddy bears picnic

Run out of room for all your stuffed animals on the sofa? Why not follow in this person’s rather bizarre footsteps and turn them INTO the sofa? 

Image via moviepictures.com


The toothbrush

Sure you might not be able to see the TV because of all the bristles, but who wouldn’t want to recline in a brush after a long hard day (said no one ever)? 

Image via homedit.com


Climbing the three peaks

Bring the outdoors in with this mountain inspired sofa. Warning – this probably won’t fit in with any of your other furniture. 

Image via saltypeaks.com


Sleep on a bed of...err tennis balls?

We can’t imagine this would be the comfiest sofa in the world, but this lady seems pretty content so we could be wrong. 

Image via stakeyourclaimny.com


Eggcelent conversation

Some would say this is a recipe for disaster, others would call it an artistic masterpiece – we’ll leave you to make your mind up on this one. 

Image via modernurbanliving.com


Redefining the pillow

For years the pillow has been an underrated item when it comes to upholstery, but not any more thanks to this alien looking design.

Image via homedit.com


Take the weight off your paws

We don’t really know where to start with this one; the print, the tiger head or the tail. Either way, it would definitely be the talking point of your living room. 

Image via tumblr.com


The coliseum

Last, but by no means least. Who wouldn’t want a sofa that looks like the famous Roman artefact? 

Image via guzer.com


If you are ready to return to normality, or have been inspired to get creative, why not take a look at the upholstery courses listed on our site? With plenty of options available we are sure you will find the expert to help you create your dream furniture (however crazy this might be). 

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