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12 problems only swimmers understand

12 problems only swimmers understand

First published date March 16 2015 Amended date February 04 2016

Remember those days when you just went to the pool to splash around with your friends? Chances are if you are a member of a swimming team or club, the answer will be no. Your life is a routine of showering, swimming and showering again. The chlorine plays havoc with your eyes and you’re 99% sure your hair will never be the same again, yet the thought of not being in the pool for a week fills you with dread. If you’re thinking of diving in at the deep end and taking a swimming course, have a read of these twelve problems first.


1. You are slightly concerned at the amount of chlorine you consume on a weekly basis.

Chlorine for breakfast
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2. Your childhood in a photograph. And you can confirm ‘no more tears’ is false advertising after rubbing it in your eyes like the kid did on the advert.  

Swim and sport
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3. You are yet to find a perfume that is strong enough to cover the smell of chlorine.

Chlorine is my perfume
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4. The constant struggle to get your hair into a swimming cap.

Swimming caps
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5. The fact that no matter what you do, no amount of makeup can disguise the tell tale goggle marks after training.  

Swimming goggle marks
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6. Your friends assuming you can dive like Tom Daley – how many times, it’s a different sport guys!  

Tom Daley
Image via telegraph.co.uk


7. When everybody becomes obsessed with swimming at the Olympics, only to forget that it’s a sport a few weeks later. 

Image via swimming.org


8. The anti-fog goggle – they lied.

Anti fog goggles
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9. Finally getting the water out of your ear, only to realise it’s an hour until you are back in the pool again.

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10. Overcrowded lanes –a free for all, involving kicking, over taking and the not-so-occasional crash. What anti-clockwise rule?

Swimming lanes
Image via swimmingwithoutstress.com


11. Those early morning starts.

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12. You do it every day and will be warm in five minutes, yet the feeling of jumping into a cold pool shocks/fills you with dread every time.

Ice pool
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