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5 pieces of recycled furniture we need in our homes

Five pieces of recycled furniture we need in our homes

Published February 23 2016

When it comes to furnishing a house, the costs add up, and trying to find something unique can be hard in a world filled with flat packs. We have therefore scoured the internet for our favourite pieces of recycled furniture, some weird, some cool and some, well, made of cuddly toys...


1. ‘Work is driving me mental’

For the ultimate car lover this has to be the best desk ever. We’re wondering if the wheels actually work and whether this could double up as transport to and from the office.

Image via lushome.com


2. ‘On your bike’

When we heard about a chair made out of bike parts we winced at the thought of sitting on a saddle to watch TV, but this weirdly works. We can imagine it looking cool in a pimped out VW Camper Van.

Image via cleaninghousetips.co.uk


3. ‘Just in case’

Classy and cool, most of the Hotcourses office would like this suitcase-come-chair. We also think there’s something in turning luggage into seats for those long commutes...Dragons, take note.

Image via class-world.com


4. ‘That looks crate’

For anyone who struggles for storage these crate tables are ideal. Just don’t follow the milkman’s lead and keep your milk there; we tried it and it won’t stay fresh.

Image via fortikur.com


5. ‘Sofa bears all’

This just gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘soft furnishings’. We can’t decide if it’s the cutest, most comfortable creation ever... or just a bit creepy.

Image via homeideasmag.com


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