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7 things you probably didn’t know about reflexology

7 things you probably didnt know about reflexology

First published date January 30 2015 Amended date February 18 2016

‘So it’s like a foot massage?’ – the words that make most reflexologists cringe because there’s a lot more to it than a bit of feet rubbing. Obviously, if you’re starting a course though, you probably won’t know how to heal insomnia through the toes straight away so rather than quoting what many who have not understood this therapy have said before, have a read of these and impress your teacher with some real facts.  


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1. Reflexology has been around forever – well, since 2330 B.C. It originated in Egypt, according to hieroglyphics found in the Physician’s Tomb depicting physicians applying pressure with their hands to the soles of patient’s feet.


2. If you’re looking to get into reflexology, don’t worry if you don’t have a fat wallet to buy tools or fancy equipment. A reflexologist’s only tools are their hands.


3. Despite the lack of scientific evidence to support it, some hospitals and health establishments are incorporating reflexology as a clinical therapy into their regimens in various places around the world.


4. There are different kinds of reflexology – the original Ingham Method, Thai Reflexology, Vertical Reflexology, Gentle Touch Reflexology and more.


5. During a session, a reflexology client gets to lie down comfortably on a bed, barefoot. A de-stressor that allows for lying down and relaxation? Sign us up!


6. In Denmark and Norway, reflexology is the most commonly used form of holistic therapy.


7. The average human’s feet ordinarily bear the weight of over 1,000 tons every day – whether you believe in reflexology as a medical practice or not, why not take a load off for once and give it a shot?


If any of these facts have got you feeling inquisitive about feet, perhaps it’s time to consider a career as a reflexologist. Reflexology is on the rise and, luckily for you, we’ve got plenty of courses and workshops that will allow you to become an expert.

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