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17 top tips from the world’s best personal trainers

17 top tips from the worlds best personal trainers

First published date January 29 2015 Amended date February 19 2016

We all need a little gym motivation every now and again, whether that’s in the form of a fitness account on Instagram or some wise words from a personal trainer. If you’ve chosen to make motivating others a career, why not take a look at these 17 top tips from the industry’s best to make you look like an expert before you get started. Alternatively, if you just want to read something to help you get to the gym tomorrow morning, this is also good for you too. Don’t say we never spoil you.


1. Focus on the end goal – although short term goals are good, they might not be enough of a motivation to keep you going back.


2. Workouts can be easy or short, never both. 

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3. Your mental image of yourself will help motivate you – whether it’s looking better in those skinny jeans or being able to run a 10K, keep it in your head when you are at the gym.


4. Lay out your gym kit the night before – not only will it help you get your mind set for the workout, but will make the morning routine a lot easier. 

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5. Your body will adapt as you get stronger so you need to keep upping your game. What makes you sweat and ache now wont in a few months, so don’t get complacent.


6. You really are what you eat. It’s true, abs are made in the kitchen, so pack your diet full of lean meats, fruit and vegetables to get the results you crave. Hang out with any personal trainer for too long and they will introduce you to the world of prepping meals. 

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7. Eat more not less – according to top personal trainer Mike Duffy, eating more not less (of the good stuff) speeds up your metabolism and helps you lose weight.


8. Have a rest day – although you may feel like the more you are at the gym, the faster you will see the results, this is far from true. In fact, not resting puts you at greater risk of injury. 

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9. Take selfies – no really, do. Taking exercise photos can help you keep track of your process and keep you motivated as you see results.


10. Staying hydrated is a must, whatever your goal. Also research proves a class of ice cold water in the morning can help speed up your metabolism, so drink up. 

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11. Some pain means no gain – it is true that it needs to hurt a little, but severe discomfort is your body telling you how far out of your comfort zone you are. Listen up and stop.


12. Mixing things up is the secret of long term motivation. Doing the same workout four times a week is a sure way to only last a month. 

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13. Find a fitness friend who will drag you to the gym even when you are hungover and motivate you to keep going in those last ten minutes of the spin class.


14. The playlist is all important –research proves that you work harder in the gym when you are listening to the right music, so create a playlist that will get the adrenaline pumping. 

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15. Don’t be intimidated – everyone in the gym is on a different journey, so don’t get put off by those around you.


16. Don’t be a slave to the machines – remember that the number of calories the treadmill shows you is not often the number you have burnt. For a true reflection of calorie burn, invest in a heart monitor. 

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17. It’s not all about how much you sweat – sweating is not the only reflection of a hard workout. Workouts such as Pilates or yoga will tone muscles without making you look like you’ve run a marathon.


So what are you waiting for? With plenty of personal training courses listed on our site, why not take your first trainer clad steps into the healthiest industry around? 

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