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Guess the celebrity from the fan drawings

Guess the celebrity from the fan drawings

First published date June 04 2015 Amended date February 03 2016

Here on the Hotcourses editorial desk we can’t even pretend to be blessed when it comes to our drawing skills. Ask us to draw you a portrait and get prepared to be offended. Luckily we aren’t alone – if you were questioning your drawing skills, try and guess the celebs captured by fans that definitely need that life drawing class.



Image via buzzfeed.com

The first time we’ve ever not been jealous of the pop princess’ looks.


Justin Bieber

Image via blameitonthevoices.com

Or at least we think it is...


Brad Pitt

Image via buzzfeed.com

This one had us stumped for quite a while. Moral of the story, always look at a picture of who you are drawing before starting to sketch.


Harry Styles

Image via popdust.com

Or a creepy kid eating a drum stick, we can’t decide either.


Jennifer Aniston

Image via buzzfeed.com

The only time Jen has ever looked her age. Somehow we don’t think she’ll be putting this one up in her Beverly Hills mansion.


Tom Cruise

Image via shoutingatco.ws

A big shoutout to the artist for putting a name on this one – we would never have got there.


If, like us, this has persuaded you to learn to master the art of life drawing, why not dig out that sketchbook and take a look at the courses listed here

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