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10 things you probably didn’t know you’ll learn on a joinery course

10 things you probably didnt know youll learn on a joinery cour

First published date May 01 2015 Amended date February 03 2016

Becoming a joiner is a lot more than just attaching pieces of wood – when participating in a joinery course, you’ll learn a variety of transferable skills that can be applied to all of your joinery endeavours, as well as the rest of your life. Here are a few examples of things that you’ll learn on a course:

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1. How to bring things (and people) together

It’s in the job description of a joiner to bring two pieces of wood together, but no one ever realises that creating a habit of bringing things together will carry through in the rest of your life, as well. Joiners learn that time, skill, and care is all it takes to meld wood and people.


2. How to be handy with tools

A joiner is a great person to have around when you’re facing a flat tire, a leaky faucet, a chair that needs to be refurbished, or any other household headaches. With a joiner around no one will ever need to call a handyman.


3. That the world is full of joinery

After taking a joiner course, you’ll start to realise that the whole world is held together because of joinery – the chairs you sit on, the doors you slam shut, the counters you pour cups of tea on... Being aware of this gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment any time you participate in even the most mundane activities. 


4. The Rules of Brotherhood

The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners  was formed in 1881 to give these craftsman a community of like-minded people to relate to. It has become one of the largest trade unions, and there is an international cooperation that poises the brotherhood for a global role.


5. How to be well-read

Not only do joiners study up a lot on new joining techniques to keep in the game, they also can build their own bookshelves, so of course they keep them stocked with a plethora of great literature.


6. People skills

Customers are more likely to hire someone who is friendly and approachable, so it is key that joiners remain personable and affable when interacting with contractors and customers.


7. To be prepared

Joiners use a variety of tools everyday when working on different projects and, like a boy scout, it’s essential for them to always be prepared for any job that may come their way.


8. How to get around purchasing a yacht

It is possible to specialise in marine joining, and focus your talents on shipbuilding. These joiners work with materials other than wood such as linoleum, fibreglass, hardware, and gaskets, as well. Forget saving up for a boat, why not just build your own?


9. How to get crafty

Joinery can be much more intricate work than one might assume, and it’s possible to create eloquently put together, innovative new ways  to join chairs. It’s not just a job, it’s an art.


10. How to open the door to new experiences

Joiners are the people who create the doors we walk through every day – every time we walk into a new space and experience something new, it’s thanks to a joiner. The thresholds that grooms carry brides across were created by a joiner. When you shut a door on an unpleasant past to move forward to something better, it’s because of joinery. Becoming a joiner can open the door to more than most realise.


Joinery courses can teach you all of this and more so what are you waiting for?


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