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The jewellery trends we would rather forget

The jewellery trends we would rather forget

First published date October 29 2014 Amended date February 22 2016

Editor of Vogue Japan, Anna Dello Russo, posed that accessories are like vitamins to fashion – as such, you should use them liberally. We all went through that experimental phase growing up and one of the best ways to do this was through our accessories. From oversized clip on earrings to hundreds of power bead bracelets up our arms (they definitely had magic healing properties) if you grew up in the nineties, the chances are you will have tried one, or all, of these looks at some point. Before you go on a course and learn to make jewellery to be proud of, sit back and dwell on the jewellery trends we would rather forget.


Clip on earrings

Remember when we tried to persuade our parents to let us have our ears pierced by wearing clip on earrings all the time? In true Pat Butcher style, we really thought the bigger the better didn’t we?

Image via gstatic.com


Scooby Doo bracelets

The Loom bands of 2000, we all loved these crazy things. When we ran out of people to give keyrings to, we started on bracelets. 

Image via ehowcdn.com


Festival wristbands

Nothing seemed cooler than wearing your Reading wristband from 2001 ten years later. Yes they may stink and feel grim when you get out the shower, but cutting them off is like a slap in the face from reality.

Image via ideasbynet.com


Friendship bracelets

Because buying your bestie one of these on holiday was a true sign of friendship. 

Image via friendship-bracelets.de


Polly Pocket necklace

They were really long and kind of annoying, but why leave your Polly Pockets at home when you could go out and lose them in public? 

Image via onlypollypocket.com


Food rings

There’s no point denying it, we have all worn a Hula Hoop crisp or a Haribo sweet as a ring at one point in our lives. Despite being a trend we would rather forget, we loved the story of the couple below, who got married with Haribo rings after their wedding bands were stolen the night before the big day.  

Image via dailymail.co.uk


Rings with watches on

Whilst we are on the subject of rings, we still don’t get the watch-ring trend and suspect we are not alone in this. 

Image via blogspot.com


Tattoo style chokers

Just when you thought they had disappeared, they came back with a vengeance.  

Image via buzzfeed.com


Dog tags

They may look cool on military personnel, but not so much when they are under a school uniform. 

Image via blogspot.com


Slap bracelets

An excuse to go around and slap your friends, we don’t know who thought these up but they were never cool.

Image via amazon.com


Power beads

We were all so peaceful and zen thanks to our power beads and their magic healing properties. 

Image via blogspot.com


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