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The most expensive celebrity engagement rings ever

The most expensive celebrity engagement rings ever

First published date November 06 2015 Amended date February 03 2016

No celebrity engagement is complete without the massive flashy rock. With a multi-million pound price tag, these are some of the most expensive rings in the world. Fit for a queen (Kate Mid and Queen B featuring on this list), if you are heading off to a jewellery design course, these are some diamonds worth studying.


Angelina Jolie

Image via hollywoodreporter.com

Brad Pitt supposedly splashed out half a million US dollars (so £328,000 over here) when he asked his long term girlfriend to marry him. The couple have now been married for a year and have six children together.


Catherine Zita Jones

Image via wordpress.com

25 years her senior, Michael Douglas spent a staggering £670,000 on Catherine Zita Jones’ ten carat engagement ring. Despite their ups and downs and six month separation, the couple celebrated their fifteen year wedding anniversary this year.


Jennifer Aniston

Image via express.co.uk

We all cheered when Jen found Justin Theroux in 2011 and wiped away a tear when we saw her beautiful ten carat ring, valued at £670,000.


Katie Holmes

Image via thefashionspot.com

We all remember Tom Cruise jumping up and down on Oprah’s sofa, declaring his love for his now ex wife Katie Holmes. The PDA couple of 2005, we wonder what happened to Holmes’ £985,000 engagement ring now they’ve divorced?


Kim K

Image via huffingtonpost.com

With three engagement rings and three marriages under her belt, Kim K is no stranger to having a rock on her finger. Kris Humphries supposedly spent £1.3 million on his 16.2 carat ring, which lasted longer than the couple’s two year marriage. Kris is said to have auctioned the ring during their messy divorce.

Image via hellomagazine.com

Luckily for Kim, her finger didn’t remain bare for too long, with Kanye West placing a £5.2 million, 15 carat diamond on it a year later.



Image via becomegorgeous.com

Queen Bee’s beautiful Lorraine Schwartz, 18 carat engagement ring has been valued at £3.2 million. You definitely couldn’t miss this one!


Kate Middleton

Image via huffingtonpost.com

A ring that has far more sentimental value than the others, when William gave Kate his mother’s blue sapphire diamond ring, we all wiped away a tear. Valued at £328,000, it really is fit for a queen.


J Lo

Image via diamondere.com

How could we leave J Lo off the list? Another lady who has a lot of experience being engaged, she clearly swept Ben Affleck off his feet enough for him to fork out £790,000 for a pink ring. Unfortunately the pair never actually made it down the aisle, but don’t be too sad, her next husband Marc Antony came along three days later.


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