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Why your interior designs never turn out as planned

Why your interior designs never turn out as planned

First published date January 30 2015 Amended date February 18 2016

You’ve got the glossy magazine, you’ve been to the show room and spent a fortune on wallpaper, but still things haven’t turned out quite as planned. If you have been left feeling like ‘do it yourself’ was all a big lie, why not take a look at our top tips and work out where you have been going wrong? Also, if the beautiful photos on this page don’t make you want to sign up for an interior design course, we don’t know what else we can do.


It’s a numbers game

Interior design is not all about choosing beautiful wallpaper and curtains, but measuring, planning and learning how to draw to scale. 

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Be brave

Why stick to simple? Although we don’t recommend making the entire room a mix of spots and stripes, don’t play it too safe. Layer colours, create a feature wall and pile up cushions to fill the room. 

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A home is where the heart is

As perfect as you want the room to look always remember you actually have to live here. Although you may love that modern leather sofa in the show home, if you can’t see yourself snuggled up watching Broadchurch on it, think again. 

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White walls never go out of fashion

You’ll never get bored of living in a clean looking space. 

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If you are decorating a tiny space, it’s all about light. Decorating the walls in lighter colours will make the room feel larger, and replacing that painting with a large feature mirror will reflect the light pouring into the space. 

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Dress the room

Curtains are more than the finishing touch, they are the main event. If you are going to splash out on one thing – make it bespoke curtains. 

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Get in the mix

In the spirit of Taylor Swift, shake it up shake it up. Mixing colours, textures and expensive pieces will make the room look stylish and not blow your budget. 

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Make a feature

There’s no denying it, feature walls have always been a big thing and aren’t going out of fashion any time soon. One top tip from industry experts is to always choose the wall behind the sofa or bed to decorate with loud wallpaper; this way when you are trying to relax you are not looking at it.  

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Let it go

There is nothing worse than a cluttered home – in the words of Elsa, ‘let it go’. 

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If you are now looking round your own living room, itching to get going, why not sign up to an interior design course and learn from the experts? Y ou can thank us later. 

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