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7 of the coolest hotels in the world

7 of the coolest hotels in the world

First published date April 15 2015 Amended date February 03 2016

In writing this article we got slightly depressed that our budgets won't stretch to most of these hotels (apart from the prison one, which we're not sure we'd want to visit anyway) but for those of us who can only dream, training in hospitality management could be the answer. After all, if you can't stay in a cool hotel, surely the next best thing is to work in one?


1. The hotel under the sea

Ok, this hasn’t been finished yet, but when it does, we just know it will be amazing. Think, bedrooms looking out on the tropical seabed under sunny Fiji. We can’t think of a better ‘sea view’ suite.

Image via techglimpse.com


2. The hotel made of ice

Time is running out if you want to stay in the Ice Hotel in Sweden as it will soon be melted down and returned to a nearby river. The rooms are definitely cold, we can’t pretend otherwise, but the blankets and duvets you’re provided with will keep you warm.

Image via onebigphoto.com


3. The hotel with the glass ceiling

This glass igloo hotel in Finland allows guests to look out to the Northern Lights while they doze off. The only thing we’re sceptical about is how the bathroom situation works; not sure who we feel about a glass roofed shower.

Image via demilked.com


Image via uniqhotels.com


4. The giraffe hotel

Giraffe Manor in Kenya is known for having a few unusual guests. Set away from any town, anyone staying there could be joined at breakfast by giraffes.

Image via porini.com


5. The hotel that makes you feel like you’re in a film

No article on cool hotels would be complete without a Disney hotel. The Art of Animation Hotel in Orlando, Florida, boasts the largest resort pool, which is Finding Nemo themed and contains under water speakers playing Disney songs

Image via boxtravel.info


6. The hotel that feels like a prison (because it is)

Karostas Cietums in Latvia is called a hotel, but we question whether that's accurate… a former prison, guests are offered the chance to experience staying there as an inmate. While the price tag is pretty cheap compared to some of the other hotels we've mentioned here, the fact that guests are made to sign an agreement beforehand about the conditions they will face slightly worries us…

Image via wikipedia.org


7. The hotel good enough to eat

Closer to home, the Chocolate Hotel in Bournemouth is a chocoholic’s dream. It features chocolate fountains in your bedroom and the bar serves chocolate cocktails.

Image via hellomagazine.com


If these mad hotels have made you want to dip your toe in the world of hospitality, have a look at the range of courses available and who knows, you could find yourself working under water!

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