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Are these the weirdest plants ever?

Are these the weirdest plants ever

First published date April 08 2015 Amended date February 04 2016

We’ve all bought a cactus or an orchid at one point, but have you ever thought of getting a more exotic pot plant for the living room? Here on the Hotcourses editorial desk we cannot pretend to be plant experts, in fact all of the ones we have owned have been taken home to our parents for some emergency TLC, but we love the look of some of these. If the photos on this page don’t inspire you to dig out your gardening gloves and enrol on your local horticulture course, we don’t know what will.


String of pearls

Let this one hang down and remember not to over water – the little pearls hold onto liquid so it won’t need to drink too much!

Image via buzzfeed.com


Air plants

Their name kind of suggests how easy these little guys are. They only use their roots to attach themselves to something and as art director Cathy van Hoang proved, they can look really beautiful.

Image via incrediblethings.com


Korchia balls

How have we not discovered these sooner? They look like something from a cartoon and the best part – they also come in bright pink!

Image via pinterest
Image via pinterest 



Also known as a five pencil cactus, we can’t get enough of this one. Apparently it grows really fast as long as you keep it in the sun – so don’t forget about it!

Image via beliefnet.com


Sweetheart Hoya plant

Easy to look after and with flowers like this, what’s not to love? Don’t worry, even if your plant doesn’t bloom, it will still look adorable with its heart shaped leaves.

Image via elkorose.schopine.com


If this has got your green fingers tapping, why not take a look at the horticulture courses listed on our site? Learn how to plant, prune and pot your seeds like a pro; just don’t forget to send us some photos! 

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