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9 times health and safety has confused us a bit

9 times health and safety has confused us a bit

First published date April 10 2015 Amended date February 03 2016

The foundations of health and safety are built on rules and regulations and as such things need to be clear. Any confusion could result in danger to those involved. Serious stuff hey? Yes, it is, but it's also hilarious when signs, designed to protect our health and safety, get it a bit wrong...


1. Because you still have to pay fines when you're dead...

Image via anorak.co.uk


2. We see this one a lot and are told it means no access…but you'd be forgiven for thinking high fives aren't allowed in this area if you ask us.

Image via wikipedia.org


3. We're not saying anything.

Image via randolfsmith.com


4. Because there's nothing more dangerous than men working. Women are fine. But men…

Image via visualsoft.co.uk


5. Good job this sign is here because it's everyone's worst nightmare getting drunk and kissing a fish.

Image via savvyscot.com


6. We all get slippery when wet, even pedestrians

Image via pinterest


7.We appreciate this vandalism for its play on words.

Image via dailymail.co.uk


8. Great attention paid to all audiences on this one.

Image via blogspot.com


9. The diagram on this sign probably needs a bit more detail.

Image via blogspot.com


There's nothing 'lol' about drowning… If you think you could improve some of these confused signs, get yourself on a health and safety course.

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