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10 reasons why you should marry a graphic designer

10 reasons why you should marry a graphic designer

First published date January 29 2015 Amended date February 18 2016

From the perfect birthday card to a colour coded bookshelf, dating a graphic designer has its plus points. Whether you are working in the industry already or thinking of booking a course, we have come up with our ten favourite reasons why marrying a graphic designer could be your best dating decision yet.


You will always receive the best cards

Forget Clintons, Paperchase and Scribbler, say hello to hand drawn, personalised cards whatever the occasion. 

Image via buzzfeed.com


Your house will become a colour coded haven

Sure, you might never be able to find the book you were looking for on that colour coded bookshelf, but it looks amazing. 

Image via wordpress.com


And the walls will be covered in edgy but inspiring quotes  

Your kitchen table may be covered in pencil shavings, but your walls and Instagram feed will automatically look better. 

Image via cargocollective.com


You are bound to get loads of job offers with your new business cards

Because who wouldn’t want to employ someone with a business card as cool as this? 

Image via youandsaturation.com


And will be able to debate the pros and cons of Comic Sans with anyone and everyone

Because there are pros and the world needs to hear them. 


Image via someecards.com


The Pantone colour wheel will become a staple part of your life

From the china in the kitchen to the colour coded phone cases, you will emulate cool. 

Image via homecolours.com


You will be renowned for bringing the wine with the coolest label

It might not taste the best, or be the most expensive, but when you see it being used as a DIY vase a few months later you will know you’ve done well. 

Image via trendland.com


And will be able to spot bad kerning a mile off

Admit it, now your eyes have been opened to kerning it drives you mad too. 

Image via thedenveregotist.com


Your wedding invites will be beautiful

How could anyone RSVP no when they look like this? 

Image via kumaridesign.typepad.com


Your kids will have the most amazing collection of Scandinavian toys

And a beautifully designed room and wardrobe to match. 

Image via littlescandinavian.com


And even if he forgets Valentine’s Day/ your anniversary, when you do get a card it will be perfect. 

Image via ravennagirls.com


If we have persuaded you to sharpen your pencils and get doodling with a graphic design course, take a look at the options listed on our site. With plenty of full time, part time and online options available, we are sure you will find something to get your creative juices flowing. 

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