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11 times when we’ve been left baffled by computer games

11 times when weve been left baffled by computer games

First published date July 13 2015 Amended date February 03 2016

Whether it’s our Sims catching fire or our character’s head falling off playing Skyrim, we’ve all experienced unfortunate computer game glitches. Therefore, to persuade you to go on a course to learn how to do things properly, we thought we would share eleven of our favourites.


Wait what happened to your head? 

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How many times, stop swimming through the floor.

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Err footballers, why are your legs the wrong way round?

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Turns out The Sims wasn’t the only game that had body problems...

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Image via viralduck.com


The FIFA footballers that found love in a hopeless place...

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The daemon baby terrified us all... (youtube)

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And the player that took ‘big head footballer’ literally

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 When super Mario became super scary

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And the Sim who got so fed up of cooking, her face melted.

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Want to learn how to create (and fix) your own games? If you’ve got what it takes to have a go, why not take a course and learn from the experts? 

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