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Floral Dog Arrangements

Floral Dog Arrangements

First published date October 16 2014 Amended date February 22 2016

Here, on a sugar fuelled afternoon on the editorial desk, we sat down to write an article about flowers and stumbled across something big. We thought we had seen it all with the Sewing Cats craze, but it seems anything cats can do, dogs really can do better, as 3D sculptures of man’s best friend take the floristry world by storm. Any keen florist will know, paws and petals are not a good combo, but before you get started on a course, why not take a look at these ten blossoming pups for some inspiration?


Get well soon

Why take a bunch of grapes when you could take a dog in a basket? (Not a real one).  

Image via pinterest


Patriotic pups

Americans are a patriotic bunch, what says I love my country more than a dog made out of flowers, sat in a basket with a flag?

Image via 1800flowers.com


Larger than life

Some might say this is a waste of time, others will say it’s the best thing ever. Why have a TV in the corner when you could have a giant sculptural dog? 

Image via prestonbailey.com


I now pronounce you man and wife

Because bouquets were so last year; the perfect addition to every wedding flower arrangement is a puppy dog made from carnations in a top hat. 

Image via atlantasflowers.com


Festive cheer

Happy holidays! Not the most traditional arrangement but hey, we were all bored of reindeers right? 

Image via wordpress.com


Spot the dog

Why create one when you could make the whole pack? It took us a while, but one of these pups is actually real (we think). 

Image via dorriolds.com


When in Spain

Remember when we mentioned giant sculptural dogs? The artist Jeff Koons took it one step further with this pooch. 

Image via wordpress.com


Pug life

Just when you thought pugs couldn’t be cuter...

Image via pinterest


Things got real

Take dog topiary to next level and make them look lifelike. 

Image via prestonbailey.com


Top of the morning

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with a green floral dog. We can’t decide whether we love it or hate it, but will be sure to get one for our Data Manager, Brian, next year. 

Image via pinterest


So whether this has made you want to fashion your own pooch, or stick to a more conventional arrangement, a floristry course could be the step you need to make your ideas bloom. 

Jane McGuire

Jane McGuire received her BA (English) from the University of Loughborough. A yoga enthusiast with a sweet tooth, in her spare time you will probably find Jane in the gym or online shopping.