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Bizarre dog grooming

Bizarre dog grooming

First published date January 05 2015 Amended date February 19 2016

Whether it’s a warm bath or a day at the doggy salon, it’s important to make man’s best friend feel precious and pampered. Yet as owners, sometimes we can take things that one step too far. Anyone who has ever tried to give their pooch a trim will know it’s no walk in the park. For some fun ideas of what not to do we have browsed high and low to bring you the most bizarre dog grooming photos we could find. Be warned, these may get you some odd looks in the puppy playground.


Master, what’s on my back?

To kick things off, we still can’t quite work out what is going on with this American pup’s racoon on tree style cut. 

Image via dailymail.co.uk


This joke will get old     

Giving your dog fur braces and trousers seems like a funny idea at first, but is a look that will never catch on. 

Image via epicfail.com


My little pony

We still can’t decide whether this is amazing or really cruel. 

Image via telegraph.co.uk



May the force be with you too. 

Image via blogspot.com


Be more tiger

Why walk a Labrador round the block when you could dress him up like a tiger and show the neighbours who is boss? 

Image via dailymail.co.uk


The fashionista

Why is everything in this photo so arty and square? 

Image via smosh.com


The duet

If you are going to stick to a theme, you should go all out with your pet or they might feel stupid. 

Image via blogspot.com


The perm

Who said perms were just for humans? 

Image via awkwardunicorn.com


Poor poodles

If this article has taught us anything it is that poodles definitely have the worst time when it comes to bizarre dog grooming. 

Image via paperblog.com


Image via paperblog.com



If you have the urge to pick up the grooming clippers and create your own slightly more normal doggy designs, it’s recommended that you learn from the experts before you begin.  Do not fear, on most courses hair dye will not be on the equipment list. 

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