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The latest digital marketing trends (so you can be star student on your course!)

The latest digital marketing trends so you

First published date January 14 2015 Amended date February 19 2016

When it comes to digital marketing trends can be fleeting and probably in the process of just writing this sentence more will be revealed but if you can clue yourself up on these main ones, you'll definitely impress your teacher and fellow classmates...


Customer generated video

What could be more effective than your customers creating and sharing videos talking about your product? Burberry did something similar with still images on their Trench Coat a few years ago. The campaigns that have done this really effectively recently have been charity campaigns. Who’s still shivering from the Motor Neurone Disease ice-bucket challenge?


Mobile-first Marketing

What does it really mean to be mobile-first and is anyone really doing it yet? Well the answer to the first questions is making responsive inherent not an additional feature. Keep it simple and local, use video and don’t expect the same customer behavior as a desktop-user. The answer to the second is a few, with more to follow in 2015. Some of the best examples come from tech-companies themselves like Adobe and Salesforce. News sites like BBC and Huffington Post are also up here.



Online readers are lazy, fickle and shallow. Half the brain is dedicated to visual function so a good infographic communicates a message quickly and effectively.  What’s more, Google searches for infographics have increased 800% in just over two years, and they are very shareable.



Good memes get everywhere, quickly, if only marketers could get their messages across so effectively. Well meme-jacking is one of the ways companies have leveraged from their success. Do you remember the little kid with a look of grim satisfaction and a pumping fist from 2012? Virgin was able to successfully hijack the meme for their own purposes by using the success theme. Expect to see more of the same in the next few years.



Imagine if someone knew your daily commute, the brand of your favourite wine and the same of your best friend.  And that using this information they could text you both to tell you about offers on Riesling at a bar nearby. Terrifying or helpful? Welcome to 2015 and the new world of hyper-peronalisation. 

This is the kind of thing the likes of Amazon have been doing well for years, but expect to see more of it coming your way soon. Already American Express's Link, Like, Love dashboard delivers deals and content to cardholders based on their Facebook likes and those of their friends.


If you fancy getting involved in one of these trends or want to create new ones yourself, a digital marketing course is the place to start. Have a look at the list and find your perfect one.


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