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How to make an origami dog in 11 simple steps

How to make an origami dog in 11 simple steps

First published date June 16 2015 Amended date February 03 2016

When it came to writing our crafts ‘fun stuff’ article, we decided to learn a new skill ourselves and try origami. Half an hour later, the editorial desk was littered with attempts of paper dachshunds until finally, we made it. If this doesn’t inspire you to try a crafts course, we don’t know what will.


Step 1 – Start with a square piece of paper


Step 2 – Fold the paper in half and then fold each flap in half again towards the middle



Step 3 – Fold the paper into a square and then each side of the square in half – this should leave you with eight square segments if you unfold it all.


Step 4 – Push the corners in to meet the centre line


Step 5 – Follow the same step on all corners


Step 6 – Turn the paper over and fold the bottom up towards the middle


Step 7 – Fold the flaps inwards on the bottom and top triangles


Step 8 – Turn the paper over and fold in towards the middle on both sides


Step 9 – Then fold this in half – the legs should pop out and you can now stand your dog up


Step 10 – These are the tricky parts, pocket fold the paper upwards


Step 11 – Push the paper outwards to create the dogs face


And there you have it - welcome to the team, Hotcourses dachshund! If this has inspired you to try your own crafts course, take a look at the ones listed here and get creative! 

Jane McGuire

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