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The best cupcakes ever made

The best cupcakes ever made

First published date June 24 2014 Amended date February 23 2016

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? A spongey cake, with a cheeky dollop of buttercream icing on top? Yes please. But what we love more is when people get inventive with them. We’ve seen a lot of this from our course providers (check out the photo galleries for more), but we’ve gone through all the baking sites we could find on the web to bring you some of the best ones out there. And yes, we now have severe cake cravings.


1. The only thing that kind of annoys us about these amazingly realistic iPhone cupcakes is that this person has clearly got a missed call they’ve not checked and rung back.

Image via smosh.com


2. You must have seen these fantastic cookie monster cupcake designs, it seems everyone has tried them. If you’re not sure how – you just need food colouring to dye your buttercream blue, a packet of cookies, some white chocolate buttons, and some black writing icing. So simple.


Image via blogspot.com


3. On the theme of character cupcakes, we love these minion ones. Minions are cute enough but minion cupcakes? They’re a whole new level of adorable.

Image via mouthsofmums.com


4. Ok, so Katniss doesn’t exactly look like she eats a lot of cakes. But we imagine if she did, she’d be all over these. We’re really impressed with the intricate detail of the gold brushed Mockingjays.

Image via buzzfeed.com


5. Bringing technology and food together certainly floats our boat, especially when it looks this good. We’re intrigued as to what the QR code leads to though – maybe the recipe?

Image via kimvallee.com


6. We’ve seen a few people make rainbow cupcakes so we know it’s certainly doable at home. The thing is, we’re not sure we want to know how; we prefer idea that they are just filled with magic...

Image via blogspot.com


7. Is there anything more confusing than thinking you’re about to tuck into a burger only to discover it’s a cupcake? Confusing in the best way, of course.

Image via egotvonline.com


8. These are slightly uncomfortable to look at but we can’t help but appreciate the idea and the detail that has gone into these Halloween themed cupcakes. (We don’t have confirmation their Halloween themed, we’re just hoping they are.)

Image via toxel.com


9. There’s something wrong with the fact that we think these look weirdly delicious. We just hope those maggots are made of white chocolate.

Image via blogspot.com


10. We’re not 100% sure these trees are made of icing – they look so real! Our favourite part is the icing sugar snow dusting.

Image via channel4.com


If you fancy learning how to make some of these, have a look at the cupcake classes on offer or learn more on a general cookery course

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