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Ten problems only coders understand

Ten problems only coders understand

First published date December 09 2015 Amended date February 03 2016

If you spend your days writing code, the simplest problems can be as irritating as a 404 page or a laptop with 3% battery.  To help the rest of the world really understand coders and their 99 problems, we spoke to our own wonderful team to come up with this list. (Spoiler alert – they didn’t have 99 coding related problems for us to share).


1. 404 pages are the stuff of nightmares; in fact it turns out coders do actually have tantrums about them.


Image via patheos.com


2. When you have been working on a code for so long you forget how to use words.


3. When your friends ask ‘but what does code actually do?’

Image via bajiroo.com


4. Your most searched words in your Google history are ‘not’ and ‘working’.


5. This guide.

Image via buzzfeed.com


6. The fear of not being near a computer, laptop or some sort of mobile device. But what if something goes wrong?


7. The equally terrifying fear of your multiple screens and phones losing power.


8. The struggle of where to store all of your devices. So. Much. Stuff.

Image via typepad.com


9. When you spend months developing an app and then it gets rejected.


10. And finally, this common, everyday struggle.

Image via whatevo.com


If you feel ready to face the music, cope with these problems and learn how to code, why not take a look at the coding courses listed on the site? Good luck and happy coding! 

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