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7 of the world’s most beautiful bridges

7 of the worlds most beautiful bridges

First published date March 07 2016 Amended date March 07 2016

If you’ve clicked on this article, the chances are you are interested in civil engineering, or you just really love bridges. Either way, we know where you are coming from! To persuade you to take an engineering course, we’ve found seven of the world’s most beautiful bridges. If these don’t persuade you to take a course, we really don’t know what will!


Image via nrostatic.com

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

The Brooklyn Bridge opened to the public on 24 May, 1883 after fourteen years of construction. It soon after dubbed as the ‘eighth wonder of the world’.


Image via wikepedia.org

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

One of the most famous bridges in the world, when it was completed in 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world, at a total length of 8,921 feet.


Image via telegraph.co.uk

Ponte Vecchio, Florence

The oldest wholly-stone built segmental arch bridge in Europe, it’s safe to say, this ancient bridge really is beautiful. Did you know, it still has shops built along it, as was once common in Medieval times.


Image via mimoa.eu

Gateshead Millenium Bridge, Gateshead

The award winning Millennium Bridge is actually the first and only tilting bridge in the world. The bridge takes under five minutes to rotate from closed to open and has been nicknamed the ‘blinking eye bridge’.




Image via thousandwonders.net

Helix Bridge, Singapore

Constructed from glass and steel mesh, at night The Helix Bridge is illuminated by electric blue lights. Pairs of coloured letters c and g as well as, a and t are also lit up at night in red and green – these represent cytosine, guanine, adenine and thymine, the four bases of DNA.


Image via orujtravel.com

Khaju Bridge, Iran

Built by the King in the seventeenth century, the Khaju Birdge in Iran serves as both a bridge and a dam. The bridge is 133 metres long and 12 metres wide, with 24 arches that are decorated with beautifully coloured tiles.


Image via wsj.net

Millau Viaduct Bridge, France

Last but certainly not least, the beautiful Millau Viaduct Bridge, which is the tallest bridge in the world. A collaboration between French structural engineer Michel Virlogeux and British architect Norman Foster, the bridge cost around €400 million to build, but is definitely worth it.


If you’ve got the urge to learn how to construct such wonders, why not take a look at the civil engineering courses listed on the site? Who knows where your designs might end up...? 

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